I want to compare to alphanumeric value in a unix shell script.

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Old 08-22-2013
Originally Posted by Nsharma3006
Do you have any idea how to capture value of hostname in variable and so that i can use that variable to compare my value in further script.
Yes, depending on your OS (you haven't told what you use so far) this might work:


Originally Posted by Nsharma3006
can you share ur gtalk id where i can connect you.
I need to resolve this issue on urgent basis your help will really help me.
First, technical discussion are carried out here, nowhere else. The reason is that what i write for you might help somebody else with a similar problem in the future.

Second: we have here, out of principle, no "urgent" problems. If you need professional help from an expert you should consider hiring such a person - i do this for a living, like many others here too. Please understand that we do volunteer work here and if a problem is urgent for you it isn't urgent for us.

Finally, before you add yet another question: what should your script do, in which environment should it run, which input will it get and what have you written so far. Please give a complete answer to this, not only a line and, once this is debugged, another line with another problem. This way you might get answers to detail questions but not suggestions on how you might write the script better overall.

I hope this helps.

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Old 08-22-2013
Thanks Alot bakunin my this above requirement is working fine with all your valuable input.

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Old 08-23-2013
Originally Posted by Nsharma3006

exist and are not empty.
To test for existence is easy, but better is to test if they are readable, because a file sitting there without being readable will not help you:


if [ -r "$file" ] ; then
     echo "file $file exists and is readable"
     echo "file $file either does not exist or is not readable"

To check if it is empty is more complicated, but i think you do not even need that: (try to) read from the file what you need to read and if some vital information is missing, issue an error message.

For instance, suppose you need 3 lines, labeled "first", "second", "third" to hold some declaration, like the following:


This example code will check that and complain if one line is missing:



if [ ! -r "$infile" ] ; then
     echo "ERROR: file $file is not readable or does not exist"
     exit 2

while IFS="=" read item value ; do
     case "$item" in



               echo "Warning: skipping unintelligible line \"${item}=${value}"
done < "$infile"

if [ "$first" = "" -o "$second" = "" -o "$third" = "" ] ; then
     echo "ERROR: not all values were passed"

I hope this helps.

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Old 08-23-2013
how to check a file <filename> exist at a particular path <cm/ims/dev> and not empty


I need to write a unix shell script to write

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Old 08-23-2013
if [[ -f cm/ims/dev/filename ]]; then
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Old 08-23-2013
if [ "$a" = "$h" ]; then
  echo "hostname $a is same"
  echo "hostname $a is not same"
if [ "$b" = "$h" ]; then
  echo "hostname is same"
  echo "hostname is not same"

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i am not sure but give a try to this code.
if [ -e $FILEPATH/$FILENAME ]; then
    if [ -n "$FILEDATA" ]; then
        echo "not empty"
        echo "empty"
    echo "file doesnot exist"

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Old 08-23-2013
Requirement is to check file and enter in the loop accordingly

however I just need to see the mentioned below one line form the all the file which has SERVER_CONNECTION Value

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