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Old 08-08-2013
Question On Sourcing Variables

I have 2 scripts first script would call second script.

logfile=`basename $0`.log

echo "First File" >> $logfile
TIME=`ls -lu array.ksh | awk '{print $6" "$7" "$8}'`
. /home/infrmtca/bin/Test/
logfile=`basename $0`.log

echo "Second File" >> $logfile
echo "This Content Is From Second File" >> $logfile
echo "$TIME" >> $logfile

If i do . /home/infrmtca/bin/Test/ then i get the value of variable TIME in my second script but not when i code or call it directly like /home/infrmtca/bin/Test/

May i know why is that?

Thank you.
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Old 08-08-2013
. means runs as the same process - no . means run in child process. Any variable change that occurs in a child does not show up in the parent.
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