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"menuconfig" utility in Linux

UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

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Old Unix and Linux 07-01-2013
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"menuconfig" utility in Linux

Hello All,
I have a Kconfig file which contains configuration flags which will be set according to product.When you run "mconf" on Kconfig file you get a window where you can load default configuration file. My questions is that, Can we do this thing in shell script ? Is there any way to load default configuration stored in a file (let's say XYZ.cfg) in shell script ?
Something like below .....

mconf -f ./config/XYZ.cfg Kconfig

Thanks in advance !!!

Anand Shah
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Old Unix and Linux 07-01-2013
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If you want specific changes, you can compare the files before and after each setting, and directly modify the files. You might need to signal the daemon procs to get a config reread. If you strace/truss/tusc the gui process, you can see any signals sent and emulate them with kill.
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