How can I delete files using a file that containt path and names?

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Java How can I delete files using a file that containt path and names?

Recentily i receive virus ninda and my network was files *.eml.
I find all *.eml with:

find / -name *.eml -print > virus

Virus has the path and name of the file,so, How can i delete all *.eml?

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First review that file called "virus" and be sure that you really want to delete all the files in it. Then you could use:
cat virus | xargs rm

Another option:

find / -name \*.eml -print | xargs rm

Remember to put a backslash before (or otherwise escape) the asterisk in your find statement. If you don't the find will only work right if your current directory contains no *.eml files.
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AlvaroD emailed me that the filenames contain embedded spaces. In that case, I would go with:

cat virus | xargs -i rm {}


find / -name \*.eml -exec rm {} \;

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