Crontab issue

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Crontab issue


I have a bash script that finds files older than 31 days and deletes them. I have this file loading into crontab to run everyday. It ran fine the first time i loaded it in, but now when I try to run it manually (bash I get errors.

Here is the script
TIME=" -maxdepth 1 -mtime +31"

FIND=$(find ${DIR}${TIME})

rm -r ${FIND}

This is what I am doing to add it to crontab.
"crontab -e"
(load using nano)
"0 0 * * * bash /dir/file"

This should run it every day. The error I get when I try bash is as follows.
": command not found1:
find: missing argument to `-mtime'
rm: cannot remove `\r\r': No such file or directory"

With the "command not found" error appearing multiple times. Does running it with crontab do something to the file that makes it so I cannot run it normally? Crontab is not working either, the loaded file will not execute.

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you should never run rm from cron without a specific starting directory ...

you may actually have clobbered your operating system by accident ... try running find on the command line by itself and check for errors ... confirm with a simple ls -l on a known directory ...
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Originally Posted by jrymer
rm: cannot remove `\r\r': No such file or directory"
Errors about \r mean "stop editing your scripts in microsoft notepad". Editing your scripts in Windows has filled them with carriage returns.

tr -d '\r' < wintext > unixtext

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Find with the proper options give me the correct list of files, confirmed by ls -l. Is there another way to rm the files without moving them to a starting directory?
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see modified script below ... run in cron as /dir/file > /dev/null 2>&1 ... no need to call bash anymore as the script does it automatically ... confirm script runs correctly in a test directory before putting in cron ...
#! /bin/bash

TIME=" -maxdepth 1 -mtime +31"

if [ -d $DIR ]
      cd $DIR
      find . ${TIME} -exec rm -r () \;
      echo "$DIR not found. $0 exiting."
fi > $LOG 2>&1

exit 0

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give a try without cron .Trigger the script manually on a known directory.Post the results.
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Originally Posted by Just Ice
see modified script below ... run in cron as /dir/file > /dev/null 2>&1
I think this will not work, because there is no attempt made to set any environment, namely no "PATH" variable. This looks like running into Cron Problem Number One.

I hope this helps.


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