How to switch the user before executing a shell script from web page??

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How to switch the user before executing a shell script from web page??


i want to execute a shell script as a different user. the flow is like this.

there is a html web page from which i have to call a shell script. web server is apache. to call the shell script from html page, a perl script is required.

so the html page calls the perl script and the perl script in turn calls the shell script. owner of the shell script is "abc" user.

so when the shell is called via the html page->perl script-> shell script, the shell script is run by "apache" user instead of "abc" user. so is it possible to switch the user to "abc" from "apache" in any of the scripts (i.e perl or shell script )just before the shell script is called.
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This may mean having access to root account for I doubt you are given apache's passwd or do you have it? or root account access?
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sudo is one alternative.


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