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Originally Posted by warmboy610
Thanks guys, it works out fine. But now there is a greater problem since I have to move files with specical characters. So the listfile I made using the grep command:
fgrep -f ${illegalCharFile} $allfile | sed -e 's/^//' >> $listfile

Then I move the file using the command
mv $(cat $listfile) $bad_name

The illegalCharFile file is the file contains all special characters ( like * , ' , ; ), it does not work and show variable syntax.
I did figure out if I use mv 'filename' new_directory command it would work and I try to add ' at the beginning and the end of each line in the listfile but I have not sucessed.
I would really appreciate if anyone can show me the way. thanks ^^
First: you should NOT use

mv $(cat $listfile) $bad_name

or any similar construct at all. It is a "useless use of cat", but that is only the beginning: if a filename would contain a blank (or any other character special to the shell) it would not do what is expected but something entirely different.

You seem to have already found out that partially because you try to eliminate special characters somehow. Still, the way you attempt to do this will not work at all, which brings us to:

Second: what is

sed -e 's/^//'

supposed to do? What it actually does is to replace the beginning of a line (which is no character at all, just a position a character might hold) with nothing. If this is intended to delete the complete line you'd have to write:

sed -e 's/^.*//'

but in this case you can skip the beginning-of-line anchor, because ".*" will match all characters automatically - "sed"-regexps always match greedily (longest possible).

Third: the recommended (and most reliably working) way to stop the shell treating special characters specially is to quote same characters. This means i. e.:

mv *source /target

would move all files with a name ending in "source" to directory "/target", BUT:

mv "*source" /target

would move one file - the one named literally "*source" - there. This is the difference between using quotes and not using them. Now, have a look at the script i wrote above and you will find that i used exactly this mechanism to prevent any problems.

I hope this helps.


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