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[Solved] Is it possible to use PuTTY psftp.exe to move file from one directory to another?

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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers [Solved] Is it possible to use PuTTY psftp.exe to move file from one directory to another?
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Old 06-03-2013
[Solved] Is it possible to use PuTTY psftp.exe to move file from one directory to another?

Hello All,
I am running a script (power shell) from my desktop (Windows). The script needs to sftp a file(using PuTTY psftp.exe ) from my desktop to a server(UNIX server). Then, as a second step, the script needs to move (or copy and delete) this file from one directory on the server (UNIX server) to another directory on the same server (UNIX server).
I have no issues executing the first step. However, I cannot figure out how to execute the second step(move the file) using PuTTY psftp.exe .

Thanks in advanced,
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Old 06-03-2013
You should be able to use the rename command.

$ sftp scott@dns1 << !
> put test1 /tmp
> rename /tmp/test1 /home/scott/testX1
> !
Connected to dns1.
sftp> put test1 /tmp
Uploading test1 to /tmp/test1
test1                                                         100%  117     0.1KB/s   00:00
sftp> rename /tmp/test1 /home/scott/testX1
$ ssh scott@dns1
$ pwd
$ ls -l testX1
-rwxr--r-- 1 scott dns1 117 2013-06-03 12:41 testX1

Is it worth asking why you just don't copy it to the target directory in the first place?

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Old 06-03-2013
Thanks. this is what I was looking for !
BTW, to answer Scott's question, I can not copy the file directly because the process calls for authorization step where the file will be reviewed before being moved to its final destination.

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Old 06-03-2013
Ah, OK. Just wondered Smilie Thanks.
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