Remove files from tar archive which are more than 1000 days old.

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Remove files from tar archive which are more than 1000 days old.

I am not able to extract/remove files older than 1000 days from a tar archive in linux system.
            @file_list = `find /home/x/tmp/ -name *xxMsg* -ctime +7`;   
            $file_name = '/home/x/tmp/new_archive.tar';   
            for ($count=0;$count<@file_list;$count++)    {     
               if( -e $file_name)    {      `tar -rvf $file_name @file_list[$count] --remove -files 2> /dev/null`;      }
                 else {   
               `tar -cvf $file_name @file_list[$count] --remove -files 2> /dev/null`;     

Above is my code to create a tar file. We run this script every end of day to archive the files in directory /home/x/tmp/ Also, I have another requirement to purge files from this tar which are 1000 days older. My doubt is, how to find out the files in the tar archive which are older than 1000 days.
Please advise the optimal solution to achieve this. Appreciate your solutions.
Thanks in advance

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The very first problem is that you do not create a relative tar archives:

You did this:
tar -cvf /path/to/my/file.tar /home/foo

Instead of this
cd /
tar -cvf /path/to/my/file.tar ./home/foo

Note the leading red dot.

To do what you ask, one way to do this extract a relative tar archive to some harmless disk somewhere, delete the file(s) you no longer want, then rebuild the archive. Note that most places do not do things this way, it is very cumbersome. Rather, there is a backup plan, and incremental backups made, say every day of the month. A full back up is made at month end. Then last month's incrementals are overwritten day by day.

You keep the month end backups and one month of incremental backups. We cycle on a 90-day basis, not 30.

If you had relative tar files (you don't) you could try something like this:
cd /someplace/harmless
tar xvf /path/to/file.tar
find . -type f -mtime +1000 -exec rm {} \;
tar cvf /path/to/file.tar ./
cd ..
rm -R ./harmless    # lose the files you restored
mkdir ./harmless


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