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Old 05-24-2013
Writing an HTML file in perl

I'm writing a perl script that writes an html file.
use Tie::File;

my ($dir) = @ARGV;

open (HTML,">","$dir/file.html") || die $!;

#-----Building HTML file---------------------------
print HTML "<!DOCTYPE html>
		<link href=\"styles/styles.css\" type=\"text/css\" rel=\"stylesheet\" />  
   <body> ";

my $TABLE = "/data_table_location/TABLE";

my @TABLE;
tie @TABLE, 'Tie::File', $TABLE or die;

foreach (@TABLE)

if (($_ =~/^\w\w\w\d\d\-/) || ($_ =~/^Data/) || ($_=~/^$/)){

	if ($_ =~/^\w\w\w\d\d\-/){print HTML "<h3>$_</h3>";}
	if ($_ =~/^Data/){print HTML "<pre><b>	Data		Pos	Ref	Cov	Deletions</b></pre>";}
	if ($_=~/^$/) {print HTML "";}

my @line = split (/\t/,$_);

my $position = $line[1];
my $reference = $line[2];
my $coverage = $line[3];
my $Deletions = $line[4];

print HTML "<pre>	$position	$reference	$coverage	$Deletions	</pre>";

print HTML "

close (HTML);

The output should be a table like this.

ABC12 #title of data set
Data Pos Ref Cov Deletetions #types of data
0 1 2 3

My issue is in my css which I have not done too much with because I cannot get it to work.

h3 {
	text-align: center;
	color: Blue;}

This script is called by another script, using the data from that script to build the table, and output the table. The issue I am having is that the newly created HTML file is ignoring aspects of my css style sheet. If I set the...
	background-color: Red;}

...the background color changes to red. But I cannot change the header, it will not center the font or change the color to blue. The most progress I've made is making the HTML even recognize that that IS a header, and thus making the font larger and bolding it. But nothing I do to the header works. I need to make changes to the header, and also once that gets sorted out the table itself will be in <div> tags.

Why doesn't the header format as directed too? Is it because the header itself is an iterator or because the HTML is being created as the script runs and thus the css doesn't load the styles for items that are not yet written?

My ultimate goal is to have the perl script output a formatted html file.

Thank you for your time.
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Old 05-24-2013
Not so big on css, but if you put data into html, you must scrub all <>"'& to: &lt; &gt; &quot; &apos; &amp; And do & first. Now, I think perl has calls to do this, so if you used them, my apologies.

Tables: Decide to use <TABLE> or <PRE>, not both. Since <PRE> is fixed pitch, you can make nice columns with padding, but no borders and shading. I have had great success with <PRE> tables for bulk data presentation, as it is cheap on the browser side typesetting, whereas <TABLE> needs to typeset everything before it can set column widths.

Can you show us an output document?

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Old 05-24-2013
I wrote an html script, only html, to produce the output I want, and am now implementing parts of that code into my perl script. The first image is what my output will hopefully look like after everything is said and done. The second image is what happens when you click on the header, the data unfolds for ease of viewing. The third image is what my output looks like now.

The first two images are from a solely html script.
The third image is from my perl script that writes the html. As you can see, the header is bolded and enlarged, as should be since I have the <h3> tags on it. But nothing else is being used from my css. Granted, in this example, my css is very bare bones since I cannot even get the header to move to the center of the screen, I did not bog it down with code I knew would not work.
Writing an HTML file in perl-doldedpng
Writing an HTML file in perl-dropdownpng
Writing an HTML file in perl-untitledpng
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Old 05-28-2013
Well, make it simpler and simpler, to see where it falls off the rails. First get a table to behave, and then work on the color and font.
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