C-Shell script help reading from txt file

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C-Shell script help reading from txt file

I need to write a C-Shell script with these properties: It should accept two arguments on the command line. The first argument is the name of a file which contains a list of names, and the second argument is the name of a directory. For each file in the directory, the script should print the filename if it is in the name list. If it isn't, do not print anything.
This is what I attempted but it doesn't seem to really do anything.
#! /bin/csh -f

foreach file ('cat $argv[1]')
    if (-e $argv[2]/$file) ls $file

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The 'ticks' must be `backticks`.
Together with some hardening adjustments (as far csh permits)
#!/bin/csh -f
set noglob
set nonomatch
foreach file (`cat "$argv[1]"`)
 if (-e "$argv[2]/$file") ls "$argv[2]/$file"

The correct structure is
if (condition) then

The short form with one command doesn't need endif
if (condition) command

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