Bind9 non existing ip , time of query

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Bind9 non existing ip , time of query

how can i set default permission for nslookup,

i have in my nslookup
timeout = 0 retry = 3 port = 53

but i want to set it to :
timeout = 2 retry = 2 port = 53

i'm using bind9 , where can i set the default timeout for it?

thanks in advance

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IBASE_EXECUTE(3)							 1							  IBASE_EXECUTE(3)

ibase_execute - Execute a previously prepared query

resource ibase_execute (resource $query, [mixed $bind_arg], [mixed $...]) DESCRIPTION
Execute a query prepared by ibase_prepare(3). This is a lot more effective than using ibase_query(3) if you are repeating a same kind of query several times with only some parameters changing. PARAMETERS
o $query - An InterBase query prepared by ibase_prepare(3). o $bind_arg - o $... - RETURN VALUES
If the query raises an error, returns FALSE. If it is successful and there is a (possibly empty) result set (such as with a SELECT query), returns a result identifier. If the query was successful and there were no results, returns TRUE. Note This function returns the number of rows affected by the query (if > 0 and applicable to the statement type). A query that suc- ceeded, but did not affect any rows (e.g. an UPDATE of a non-existent record) will return TRUE. EXAMPLES
Example #1 ibase_execute(3) example <?php $dbh = ibase_connect($host, $username, $password); $updates = array( 1 => 'Eric', 5 => 'Filip', 7 => 'Larry' ); $query = ibase_prepare($dbh, "UPDATE FOO SET BAR = ? WHERE BAZ = ?"); foreach ($updates as $baz => $bar) { ibase_execute($query, $bar, $baz); } ?> SEE ALSO
ibase_query(3). PHP Documentation Group IBASE_EXECUTE(3)

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