Find common numbers from two very large files using awk or the like

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Find common numbers from two very large files using awk or the like

I've got two files that each contain a 16-digit number in positions 1-16. The first file has 63,120 entries all sorted numerically. The second file has 142,479 entries, also sorted numerically.

I want to read through each file and output the entries that appear in both. So far I've had no success with comm -12, nor with grep -f. I've had some success wtih sdiff, but it's not entirely accurate as it's missing some matches.

What I need is a script that loops through one file to see if an entry corresponds to the other file, but this is beyond my skills.

I am using sh on hp-ux 11.31, so I can't use nawk or gawk, etc.

Thank you for your assistance.

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Using code tags, could you send a few actual lines from each file? Is the format of the lines consistent through the file, or does it vary?
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How long are the lines in these input files?
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These are 16 digit numbers, sorted numerically:


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grepping with a large pattern file is NOT very effective, but you could at least try the logics:
$ cut -c1-16 file1 > patternfile
$ grep -f patternfile file2

BTW - why should sdiff miss some matches? This is difficult to believe!

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Originally Posted by Scottie1954
I am using sh on hp-ux 11.31, so I can't use nawk or gawk, etc.
How about awk? I do have it in HP-UX B.11.23
$ what /usr/bin/awk
        $Revision: 92453-07 linker linker crt0.o B.11.16.01 030415 $
         main.c $Date: 2008/05/19 14:40:42 $Revision: r11.23/3 PATCH_11.23 (PHCO_38267)
         lib.c $Date: 2007/02/23 16:15:06 $Revision: r11.23/2 PATCH_11.23 (PHCO_36053)
         run.c $Date: 2008/05/19 14:40:53 $Revision: r11.23/1 PATCH_11.23 (PHCO_38267)
         $Revision: @(#) awk R11.23_BL2008_0602_1 PATCH_11.23 PHCO_38267

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Yes, I have awk. GNU utilities like nawk or gawk aren't installed on my OS. Thank you.

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