Permissision issue, pls. explain

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Permissision issue, pls. explain

I have a directory, user name sam 755

drwxr-xr-x    3 sam   oper     6 Apr 23 15:57 sam

I log in as root, I can't write to sam folder. if the file already there, I can change that permission but it doesn't allow me to create any files in the above folder. Why, I thought root has full access?
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@samnyc: look for group permission. Give a group write permission and you will be able to edit or create file in directory.
Make sure you login as a root or sam user and run before running command. Also path of directory is important.
Code shows command after login by root.

#pwd                  (Shows in what directory you are) 
#chmod 775 sam   (This will change group permission from nothing to write)
# ls -l sam

Good luck !
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Check the file system status of the current directory and compare with the / directory
df .
df /

A local disk is usually /dev/something and root has full control.
An NFS disk is server:/exportpath and access is mainly controlled on server.

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