How to copy a file opened in UNIX to word or txt?

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How to copy a file opened in UNIX to word or txt?

Hi I would like to know how to copy a file opened in unix editor like Nedit or vi editor to a word document

Since I am newbie I want to make sure I am not really copying onto real subdirectories

I tried to right click and copy the entire .sql file or any other file opened..

Nedit doesn't let me ctrl c ctrl v..

Basically I'm trying to copy and paste file opened in unix I a word document..

Any suggestions welcome..
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Since we dont know your environment it will be difficult (impossible) to answer...

How do you connect to unix?
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blue zone manager ssh terminal to connect to unix.. does this got anything to do with copying text??
nedit is the editor we use..
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You are into something very specific: Bluezone product !.
I think you will have to google a bit to see if you can find a user's guide or admin guide...

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