How to find and get data from line.?

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Question How to find and get data from line.?

i have data

in my file

how to search "CWD2N" and get data output => ";1365594072;74383"

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awk '/CWD2N/ { print substr($0, index($0, "CWD2N") } {next}'   inputfile

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Here is another awk solution:
awk '{match($0,"CWD2N"); print "\"" substr($0, RSTART) "\"" }' file

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Originally Posted by jim mcnamara
awk '/CWD2N/ { print substr($0, index($0, "CWD2N") } {next}'   inputfile

A minor correction:
awk '/CWD2N/ { print substr($0, index($0, "CWD2N")) } {next}'   file

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$ cat test.txt

$ sed 's/.*\(CWD2N.*\)/"\1/' test.txt


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