Regarding relation between SAS and HTML

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Regarding relation between SAS and HTML

How is sas related to web development - once we have the sas code executed what is the necessity to create a html output??

Any sas and html users welcome ..
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With "sas" i suppose you mean the "Statistical Analysis System". SAS is a data management system, you can do data warehousing tasks, report generation and similar things. HTML nowhere enters the picture there. Of course you can create some report, file it in a text document and "HTMLize" (add HTML markup to it) this somehow. But then you could do this with every text document, regardless of how it was created.

I hope this helps.

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I'm pretty sure SAS directly generates HTML output. The examples I've seen seem too primitive, do not look professional. But maybe there are some other options, or some other module you can pay for that does a better job. As mentioned, you can HTMLize just about any text output. If needed, I think a good way to go would be to automatically HTMLize a CSV output data file exactly as you want to format it, using a combination of awk and shell programming.
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