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I apologize for that Logic

The logic of 3rd row is correct

I want to applied same logic with all row and want to remove extra delimiter(|)

I want data like this

Code :
aaa |bbbb |cccc |dddd |fff |dsaaFFDFD|
Adsads |sas |saas |asa |saddas |dsasdsdad|
dsas |dss |ssssss|ddd |dssd |rrrfddf |
www |fff |refd |dads |fsdf |00sd |
5fgdg |dfs00|d55f |sfds55|445fsd |55dssdf |
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It's still unclear which extra delimiters to remove. For example, line three has eight delimiters, so we need to remove two. We could remove #1 and #3, or #1 and #4, etc.
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Hi ,

I apologize for that,

Code :
aaa |bbbb |cccc |dddd |fff |dsaaFFDFD|
Adsads |sas |saas |asa |saddas |dsasdsdad |
dsas |dss |ssssss|ddd |dssd |rrrfddf |
www |fff |refd |dads |fsdf |00sd |
5fgdg |dfs00|d55f |sfds55 |445fsd |55dssdf |

the logic for the third row is correct . but issue is that ,i am not able to set pattern in sed command .here data is varchar ,but if the data is in numeric or Date format so how to set pattern .
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the logic for the third row is correct
But what is the logic? We could remove #1 and #3, or #1 and #4, etc. What's the rule?

And use those code tags... Smilie
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sorry ,
leave that code .

here below is the another code .please let me know how you will remove extra delimiter and how will you set pattern for Varchar and numeric data in sed command.

Code :
aaa |bbbb |cccc |dddd |sas52 |10adaw|59 |abced
Adsads |sas |saas |asa |ccfc |10adaw|59 |abced
dsas |dss |ss|ss |ddd |dfsdd |caas |59 |abc|ed
www |fff |refd |dads |xdsx |10adaw|59 |abced
5fgdg |dfs00|d55f |sfd|s55|sas52 |10adaw|5|9|abced

The extra delimiter are in red color

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