Merge/Remove 2 files

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Merge/Remove 2 files


I would like to get some advice here. Basically I have 2 diff files, I need to add/comment FileA (old) contents as compared with FileB (new). The file has almost 100k lines so it would be great if someone can advise me on the easiest way out.

For example

FileB has this parameter but missing from FileA - need to add in FileA

FileA has this parameter but no longer avail in new FileB - need to comment out from FileA so the original parameter can be retained although its no longer in use.

Thanks in advance for any help out there. Appreciate it...

Last edited by vbe; 04-11-2013 at 06:44 AM.. Reason: code tags next time please for your code and data
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The two example files you posted appear identical, by testing with diff command. Please try again.

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