Connect server2 from server1 to compare files

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Connect server2 from server1 to compare files


Requirement:Connect server2 from server1 and get the list of files generate on currentdate .

Basically i need to check the files in server1 and server2 on currrent date is equal on each 1 hr frequency.

Can anyone help me on this.

Thanks in advance

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how about something like


if diff -q <(find $CHECK_DIR -mtime -1 -print) <(ssh server2 find $CHECK_DIR -mtime -1 -print) > /dev/null
    echo "Files are the same"
    echo "Files are different"

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Showing err

Syntax error at line 4 : `(' is not expected

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Idea is to when the scheduled sh file is executed it should match the files
between 2 servers and send mail whether it matches or not.

so there shouldn't be a pause or login issue in script execution

is it possible to hardcode uid and pwd in script.

thanks in advance


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