[Solved] Tail command issue in Linux

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[Solved] Tail command issue in Linux


When I am trying to use tail +13 filename.csv it is throwing an error.

tail: cannot open `+13' for reading: No such file or directory and then prints last 10 lines of the file. (File is present on the path)

But when i try tail -13 filename.csv it runs perfectly.

Could I have some help to understand what is the issue here.
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+ may not be available in your tail command.Check man tail
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In man tail..
I could see the following line:
If the first character of N (the number of bytes or lines) is a '+', print beginning with the Nth item from the start of each file,
otherwise, print the last N items in the file.
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As per my understanding, if we use tail +13 it will ignore last 13 lines and will display the rest of the lines in the file.
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actually this command displays all the records from line no. 13 till last record. Earlier it was running fine, not sure what's the issue now.
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I have checked this with our admin and found out that new linux version (RHEL5) doesnot support head + or tail + command.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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Mod Comment edit by bakunin: thanks for the follow-up. We always appreciate to know the way a problem was solved or the reason for it. I changed the thread-title accordingly.

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