UNIX script to use ssh to host

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Lightbulb UNIX script to use ssh to host

I am doing an old-school command to get an inventory to many host using ssh thru Solaris machine. Please help me find a way thru script to get this automized. This will make me lazy but will surely benefit out of it. thanks in advance.

Process I am doing:

Host IPs (examples):
and maybe more

ssh -l SUPERUSER -p 1022

     ssh -l SUPERUSER -p 1022 ==> fix command                      ==> host

above command will ask for password as below maybe after 2 or 3 seconds depending on connection speed:
SUPERUSER@'s password:

password will be like

I will then do a command like:

then log-out to the host with the command:

then, will proceed with the second host.

I will then save each output of each host to a file (1 text file per host).

Can you please help me get the proper script to get my work automized and appreciate some comments to help me understand how the script is being done.

I am thanking you guys in advance.

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You might consider using

to create a public/private key pair in the .ssh directory of the machine running the script then

the public key to the .ssh directory on the target machines. Using a key would simplify the script by eliminating the password.

>Old-school command

What is old is new again. Punchcards and paper tape; those are old-school!

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