Split binary file every occurrence of a group of characters

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The default allocation size of your filesystem is probably 4K.

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Hum is that what would cause 2KB files to double. Interesting I have something to try.

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Wow that worked. Splitting them at 4K stops the double sizing. Well I now learned too small of a file can take up unnecessary space. Awesome.

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Okay hum here's another way of doing it i could try it would take longer but it would help in the end.

If I split them into 2K bits.

Have them numbered via my method so there in order. Then Take the 18th "I think thats right" bit and add it to the start of the file name I end up with:

BB-44 A7 AC 76 1C 31.mpg
E0-44 A7 AC 7A AC DD.mpg

Several Files later
E0-44 A7 B6 60 BC B1.mpg
BB-44 A7 B6 65 4D 5D.mpg

Which I have converted to

Start-0404 1007 1012 0706 0112 0301.mpg
Next-0404 1007 1012 0710 1012 1313.mpg

Several Files later
Next-0404 1007 1106 0600 1112 1101.mpg
Start-0404 1007 1106 0605 0413 0513.mpg

Converting the Letters to their appropriate HEX number resolves weird organization problems.

Have a script take Start.mpg and then each Next.mpg moving them to a new folder.
Starting a new folder every occurrence of start.

Then I use Cat to recombine the files of each folder. There may be a script way of making that more of a batch process.

I would end up with the correct file.
Each one starting with the code I'm looking to match.

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Or Add say 001 to Start and each Next until the next occurrence of Start then Changing to 002 and so on.
I've used an applescript before to move several photos starting with the same number to a new folder before.

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Well perhaps Start and Next would have to go near the end I don't know yet.

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I discovered an application called Replace Pioneer. Which can separate files based on content. And do other renaming actions. I open file as HEX and then I can split based on content. Problem it dumps the Hex into straight Text which is okay xxd or something I used before can convert it back to binary.
Second problem I can't figure out how to get it to variable the changing bits. I was able to get it to correctly separate the files based on
00 00 01 BA

which created many 2K files. Same results as just doing
split 2k

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Well Replace Pioneer does't seem to be helping much either.

Why is it so complicated for software to split a file on every occurrence of a word or number and keep the first 12 letters before that in the same files. LOL

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So far I found a few codes i though might help me but they don't search binary they serch text.
sed 's/3d3d/\n&/g;s/^\n\(3d3d\)/\1/' temp |csplit -zf temp - '/^3d3d/' {*}

$ awk '/START/{x="F"++i;}{print > x;}' file2

I just get error's.

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If I have to I can convert the file to HEX dump, Then Convert the occurrence I want the new files to find say to "Start" instead of
89 C3 F8 00 00 01 BB

all I need is it to include the word's or letter's before that in a specified range. So it includes the

And stop each new file at that occurrence
89 C3 F8 00 00 01 BB

possibly renamed start, then removing the charters from the end of the file so it end's right before


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Originally Posted by PatrickE
Why is it so complicated for software to split a file on every occurrence of a word or number and keep the first 12 letters before that in the same files. LOL
So far I found a few codes i though might help me but they don't search binary they serch text. ...
Because, in part:
This is the Unix philosophy: Write programs that do one thing and do it well. Write programs to work together. Write programs to handle text streams, because that is a universal interface.
-- Unix philosophy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The perl language has facilities for reading byte-streams (read a block of data, use function unpack after reading the file). I have used it to read mixed-mode files -- ASCII intertwined with "binary" floating-point and integer internal values.

Now that I think about it, COBOL probably can do that as well, at least for some well-defined formats. I recall some folks in the Physics department where I worked using COBOL to process satellite data because of the superior record-handing characteristics.

However, in general, I try to stay as far away from such files as I can.

Best wishes ... cheers, drl
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Thank's I will look into those.

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