Log transformations with awk

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Log transformations with awk


I have a very large csv file with almost 100,000 columns and 200 rows

I'm trying to find a way, using awk, to log (base 2) all the values in the table (minus the headers and id field)


I know to use
awk -F"," '{print log($2)/log2}' input.csv > output.csv

to log transform one column, but my script writing isn't very good yet and I have no idea how to do this for all the columns in my input file. Any help is much appreciated.
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awk -F, ' NR == 1 {
} NR > 1 {
                printf $1
                for(i = 2; i <= NF; i++)
                        s = s OFS log($i)/log(2)
                print s
                s = ""
}' OFS=, input.csv

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awk -F, 'FNR>1{for(i=2;i<=NF;i++) $i=log($i)/log2}1' OFS=, CONVFMT='%.2f' myFile

What OS are you on? 'log2' is not supported by most awk-s.

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Thanks to both of you! I tried them both, vgersh, yours worked a bit faster. I'm using unix. I modified to:

awk -F, 'FNR>1{for(i=2;i<=NF;i++) $i=log($i)/log(2)}1' OFS=, CONVFMT='%.4f' myFile

Thanks again!
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UNIX is not an operating system the same way the IEEE is not your wall socket. If you don't know what your operating system is, run uname in your shell.
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Sorry, linux
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