Display/Cut the characters based on match

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Display/Cut the characters based on match

I have input file like this
update tablename set column1='ABC',column2='BBC' where columnx=1 and columny=100 and columnz='10000001'
update tablename set column1='ABC',column2='BBC',column3='CBC' where columnx=1 and columny=100 and columnz='10000002'
update tablename set column1='ABC' where columnx=1 and columny=100 and columnz='10000003'
update tablename set  column1='ABC',column2='BBC',column3='EBC',column4='GBC' where columnx=1  and columny=100 and columnz='10000004'
update tablename set column1='ABC',column2='BBC',column3='FBC' where columnx=1 and columny=100 and columnz='10000005'

I need like this

My shell is csh

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awk -F\' ' { print $(NF-1) } ' file

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