awk solution for taking bins

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Thanks so much that works perfectly!

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Guys We have a HP P4015 laserjet printer with a 5 bin mailbox attached & configured. We can print to the specific output bins from Oracle e-Business suite, however our print output format is incompatible so it prints out random characters instead of the letter content. I have looked... (2 Replies)
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Hello! Well, I searched and wasn't able to find a specific example of my dilemma, so hopefully someone could assist? Or maybe there was an example but I missed it? I have two files: file1 = order data file file2 = list of 65,000+ order numbers I would like to extract from 'file1' any... (5 Replies)
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PLBIN(3plplot)							    PLplot API							    PLBIN(3plplot)

plbin - Plot a histogram from binned data SYNOPSIS
plbin(nbin, x, y, opt) DESCRIPTION
Plots a histogram consisting of nbin bins. The value associated with the i'th bin is placed in x[i], and the number of points in the bin is placed in y[i]. For proper operation, the values in x[i] must form a strictly increasing sequence. By default, x[i] is the left-hand edge of the i'th bin. If opt=PL_BIN_CENTRED is used, the bin boundaries are placed midway between the values in the x array. Also see plhist(3plplot) for drawing histograms from unbinned data. Redacted form: General: plbin(x, y, opt) Perl/PDL: plbin(nbin, x, y, opt) Python: plbin(nbin, x, y, opt) This function is not used in any examples. ARGUMENTS
nbin (PLINT, input) Number of bins (i.e., number of values in x and y arrays.) x (PLFLT *, input) Pointer to array containing values associated with bins. These must form a strictly increasing sequence. y (PLFLT *, input) Pointer to array containing number of points in bin. This is a PLFLT (instead of PLINT) array so as to allow histograms of proba- bilities, etc. opt (PLINT, input) Is a combination of several flags: opt=PL_BIN_DEFAULT: The x represent the lower bin boundaries, the outer bins are expanded to fill up the entire x-axis and bins of zero height are simply drawn. opt=PL_BIN_CENTRED|...: The bin boundaries are to be midway between the x values. If the values in x are equally spaced, the values are the center values of the bins. opt=PL_BIN_NOEXPAND|...: The outer bins are drawn with equal size as the ones inside. opt=PL_BIN_NOEMPTY|...: Bins with zero height are not drawn (there is a gap for such bins). AUTHORS
Geoffrey Furnish and Maurice LeBrun wrote and maintain PLplot. This man page was automatically generated from the DocBook source of the PLplot documentation, maintained by Alan W. Irwin and Rafael Laboissiere. SEE ALSO
PLplot documentation at August, 2012 PLBIN(3plplot)

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