Copy everything from remote Linux to external hard drive in windows

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Simpler is pull from Cygwin with scp:
scp -rpC remote_user@remote_host:remote_head_dir/* /cygdrive/drive_letter/target_dir

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i`m using scp now, its copying slowly but surely...thanks all..
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Sometimes you can speed it up by breaking the tree up into parallel processes, so you use more CPU and saturate the network speed. The second has the most gain, but if encryption, compression and disk IO throttles it down so there is bandwidth left, more is better. I once did it with 32 parallel processes on a 16 cpu SMP, using a dumb rotator to distribute file names in rotation. It was push, though:
find *| xdemux 32 'cpio ... | bzip2 -9 | ssh 'cd there ; bunzip2 | cpio ...'

I think I got occasional warnings that a directory being created was already there. I might have put a 'nice -19' in there somewhere, too. The guys at gnu parallel do this sort of thing, too.

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