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Schedule the Script

I have wriiten one script to get some results from log files. Daily I have to run the script using the below command to get the output.

What I need is, Can I schedule the Script to execute once every day at a particular Time and get the output by mail automatically? I heard about 'cron job' . . But I am not aware of it. I just started learning scripting.

It will be helpfull, If anyone give the Sample script to do this.

Thanks in advance.
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look at the man pages of crontab...
Create you crontab file using vi, save it and give it a try:
crontab  my_crontabfile

Ah, you need to have the right to use cron, so reading the manpages of cron cannot harm...
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I had a similar requirement at work and this is what I did:
1. A script that fetches results form log file and writes the output to a file (say log_output.dat).
2. In the same script, write a line of code at the end, to email the contents of log_output.dat to yourself (learn how to use the mailx command)
3. Edit the file /etc/crontab (you may need to have permission to do this on your linux distribution) and add a cron job to run this script at required time (learn how to use cron)
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We. to be more useful after need to know your OS ( and version).

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