Sort and vectors on awk

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Sort and vectors on awk


i have a script and it makes a txt like this :

Caps 12
cans 9
cols 10

my print line is something like this

for(i in a)
                print i, a[i];

i have to order the txt from higher to low like:

Caps 12
cols 10
cans 9

and i have two questions:

- is there a way to sort before printing?

- how can you sort a[i] because i refers to a value not a position (i its not < or > because it will be Caps, Cols or Cans), and i cannot change it like in java or c when you do something like this:

for (i = 0; i < X.length; i++)
for (j = i; j < X.length-1; j++)
if (X[j] > X[j+1])
aux = X[j];
X[j] = X[j+1];
X[j+1] = aux;

but in this case i is a position or a value?, im so confused about this way to use vectors, if someone can explain a little or give me documentation about vectors in awk /unix i will apreciate it.

thanks for all
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It helps if you tell us what Linux /UNIX you are using. Some awk implementations have asort() which is array sort. Other do not - so the correct answer for you depends on the system you are on.
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The mawk man page has an example of a string array sort.
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im on aix
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Here are three ways to sort your array that should work even if you don't have gawk:
awk '{  # Read the input file in to array a.
        a[$1] = $2
END {   # Use the sort utility to print array a in sorted order.
        print "print | sort:"
        cmd = "sort -k2nr" # Sort 2nd field as a numeric value in reverse order
        for(i in a) print i, a[i] | cmd

        # Copy a into b and c using an insertion sort to keep b and c sorted as
        # entries are added.
        for(k in a) {
                b[++nc] = k
                c[nc] = a[k]
                for(i = nc; i > 1; i--)
                        if(c[i] > c[i - 1]) {
                                tmp = b[i - 1]
                                b[i - 1] = b[i]
                                b[i] = tmp
                                tmp = c[i - 1]
                                c[i - 1] = c[i]
                                c[i] = tmp
                        } else  break;
        print "print sorted b and c"
        for(i = 1; i <= nc; i++) print b[i], c[i]

        # Loop through original array printing and deleting the largest value.
        # This loop destroys the array as it prints it.
        print "print largest value in loop:"
        for(i = 1; i <= NR; i++) {
                max = 0
                for(j in a) if(a[j] > max) {
                        max = a[j]
                        mj = j
                print mj, a[mj]
                delete a[mj]
}' file.txt

On Solaris/SunOS systems, use /usr/xpg4/bin/awk or nawk instead of awk. On AIX or any other UNIX or Linux system, this should be fine as shown.

With your sample input, this awk script produces:
print | sort:
Caps 12
cols 10
cans 9
print sorted b and c
Caps 12
cols 10
cans 9
print largest value in loop:
Caps 12
cols 10
cans 9

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nawk - how to print variable value to a file?


I have a shell script which uses an awk program inside. There is a variable $count inside an "if" loop which counts the no of iterations.

Now, how to print that $count value to file (or) how to export that value to a variable outside awk program. i.e, awk to shell ?

Please help.
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Originally Posted by xshock

I have a shell script which uses an awk program inside. There is a variable $count inside an "if" loop which counts the no of iterations.

Now, how to print that $count value to file (or) how to export that value to a variable outside awk program. i.e, awk to shell ?

Please help.
I don't see what this has to do with sorting in awk (or nawk).

Please start a new thread to discuss this new issue and provide example code that is not working for you. ($count in a shell script is very different from $count in awk and nawk. You print a value explicitly in awk and nawk with a call to print or printf. There are lots of ways to print data implicitly depending on what you're doing.)

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