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Problem in C shell (csh) prompt setting containing the '$' char

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Old 02-20-2013
[Solved] Problem in C shell (csh) prompt setting containing the '$' char


I am trying to customize the command prompt of the C shell as follows:
set prompt="[%/ ] "

The above one works fine but when I try to add a '$' (dollar) symbol into the string as
set prompt="[%/ $] "

I am getting the error as: Illegal variable name

However, this one
set prompt = "-- %T %n %~ -- \n$ "


So could anyone suggest me what I am doing wrong in the string which gives me error and how to correct it to get the desired prompt?
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Old 02-20-2013
compare :
set prompt="[%/ $] "
# and
set prompt = "-- %T %n %~ -- \n$ "

a Dollar sign followed by ANYTHING is unserstood by the shell as a variable...
Im sure you put:
set prompt="[%/ $ ] "

gives no errors....
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Old 02-21-2013
You are exactly correct vbe !! Thanks for shedding some light Smilie

I tweaked the above code to
set prompt='[%/ $] '

by replacing the double quotes with single quotes and now it works like a charm Smilie

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