How to create a volume group, logical volume group and file system?

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Wrench How to create a volume group, logical volume group and file system?


I want to create a volume group of 200 GB and then create different file systems on that.

please help me out. Its becomes confusing when the PP calculating PP.

I don't understand this concept.
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On what OS?
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I assume you are talking about AIX LVM?

If this is the case, you should have a look in here:
IBM Info Center

The maximum number of Physical Partitions (PP) per Physical Volume (PV) is 1016. So if your 200 GB belong to one PV, you should have at least a PP size of 256 MB to use all space on it. You can do the maths yourself.

In short, the concept is:

PV --- VG (parted into PPs) --- LV (related to LP) --- FS

PPs are related with LPs. When you have a mirrored LV for example, you usually have 2 PPs that backup 1 LP. Best choice is to have both PPs on different PVs of course.
  • A PV can be any kind of disk, local, SAN LUN, whatever.
  • A PV can not belong to more than one VG.
  • A VG can have more than one PV but at least 1.
  • A VG can have more than one LV.
  • A FS needs a LV beneath. A FS is related 1:1 with a LV
  • There are types of LVs that do not need a FS on top, like Raw-LVs etc.

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