Not sure if UNIX is searching for files or not?

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Not sure if UNIX is searching for files or not?

I am very very new to Unix, working on a shell script for my job and was just trying to come up with the correct find command. I get a > symbol on a new line. I can't exit the program either, it will not go back to the $. I am using Cygwin. I don't know if this means no result, or if the fact none of the exit commands I tried worked, does it mean that it is still searching?

> find . -type f -name '.nfs*'
> > ls -ltr
> exit
> exit
> :q!
> exit> >
> quit
> :q!

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You seem to be stuck at the secondary prompt (PS2, typically >). Try pressing Control-C to see if you get back to the $ (PS1) prompt, then try running the find command again.

You'd usually see a secondary prompt if the previous command is incomplete (i.e. because it has a missing closing quote, or is expecting user input, etc.).
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> is a continuation, as in an extended line is being entered. Enter ctrl/D (hold the ctrl button down, touch the d button just once), too many ctrl/D characters will log you out.

find . -type f -name '.nfs*' -exec ls -l {} \;

find has goofy syntax, but this seems to be what you want.
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Thank you. This code works I think. It takes me to the next line with the $, but I get no results at all.

find . -type f -name '.nfs*' -exec ls -l {} \;


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