Integrate MIN and MAX in a string

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Perfect !
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Originally Posted by beca123456
I don't really get the END section of your code. Specially the "tmp[2]" !???
split (line[i], tmp) will put the AA / BB etc marker, that were used for indexing before, into the second element of temp array tmp

And what is the separator in "split(line[i],temp)" ? Is it "\n" by default ?
It's FS by default.

I tried to modify your code . . .
         END    {for (i=1; i<=NR; i++)
                  {printf "%s;", line[i]
                   split (line[i], tmp)
                   for (j=1; j<=maxfld[tmp[3]]; j++)
                      printf ("%s-%s%%", MIN[tmp[3],j], MAX[tmp[3],j])
                   printf "\n"

If you're going for $2$3 as the index of the arrays, try to use (untested!) tmp[2]tmp[3] in the END section.

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