How do you create Directory sturctures?

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Wrench How do you create Directory sturctures?

A book that i bought is saying to use mkdir and touch to create a directory called "Unix1b" within my home directory with the structure at the following

`-- Unix1Image
    |-- admin
    |-- street
    |   |-- annex
    |   |-- building1
    |   `-- parking
    |-- faculty
    |-- history.exe
    |-- markham
    |   |-- outline.doc
    |   |-- programming
    |   |   `-- systems.pdf
    |   `-- security
    |-- course
    |   |-- gen_ed
    |   `-- lib_arts
    |       |-- english.txt
    |       `-- match.doc
    `-- mall
        |-- cafeteria
        |-- library
        `-- security
            |-- annex
            |-- building
            `-- parking

i did "
mkdir -p Unix1b/Unix1

then i do"
cd Unix1

username@matrix:~/Unix1> mkdir street
username@matrix:~/Unix1> mkdir admin
username@matrix:~/Unix1> cd street
username@matrix:~/Unix1/street> touch annex
username@matrix:~/Unix1/street> touch building1

now here is my question, what should i do for the for the parking in street directory.... what does that " `-- parking " mean?

am i even doing this right? Smilie

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`-- is just a curved line in the tree Smilie

I guess the entries with extension are files in the tree:-


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