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Use awk to change an IP format

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Use awk to change an IP format

Basically I am trying to run a standard output of IP address with a port number into another command but I need to change it from. into

One command wants a period before the port the subsequent one wants a colon.

So is there anyway I can feed into awk and have it just substitute a : in for the 4th period it finds?

I can find all kinds of ways to do global substitutions but I don't need all periods to have a : just the last one.

Thanks in advance!
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echo | awk -F"." 'NF==5{v=$NF;sub(/\.[0-9]+$/,":"v)}1'

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It would be easier to use sed:
sed 's/\./:/4'

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Awesomeness thanks! works like a charm

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