Script to monitor BI service and trigger a mail

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Oracle Script to monitor BI service and trigger a mail

Hello friends,

I am new to shell scripting.I am assigned a task in Unix to prepare a script which will check if OBI 10g services are running or not and to send email if the services are down.Any help will be appreciated. I tried searching for it in the blog and came across the following code

echo "Check OBI service.." >> $LOGFILE
ps -ef | grep sawserver >> $LOGFILE
obisrvc_count=`ps -ef | grep sawserver | grep -v grep | wc -l`
if [ $obisrvc_count -gt 0 ]
echo "OBI Service Running.." >> $LOGFILE
echo "OBI Service NOT Running.. Please check.." >> $LOGFILE

I would also need a mail to be triggered to specific group, once the BI server is identified to be down, can any1 help me with this.

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First of all there is no need to pipe grep command result to wc -l command. You can use grep -c to count matching lines.

if ps -ef | grep sawserver | grep -v grep > /dev/null
        echo "OBI Service Running.." | tee $LOGFILE
        echo "OBI Service NOT Running.. Please check.." | tee $LOGFILE  | mailx -s "OBI Service NOT Running"


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