I need to isolate a date in a large log file

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I need to isolate a date in a large log file

I wrote head -n1 example.log I grab the first line of the log, but I need to isolate just the date, which is 08/May/2012:09:52:52. I also need to find the reverse of this, which would be tail...


Thanks in advance
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Is the date always the third field, and inside brackets?

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I guess that it works
head -n1 example.log| awk -F[ '{print $2}'|awk -F] '{print $1}'

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Assuming date is always the third field inside square brackets.

From header:
awk 'NR==1{gsub(/\[|\]/,X); print $3; }' example.log

From trailer:
awk 'END{gsub(/\[|\]/,X); print $3; }' example.log

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Originally Posted by joeyg
Is the date always the third field, and inside brackets?

Yes, it is. I also need to grab the last entry in this same log file as well, however, my instructor wants us to utilize cut instead of awk.

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