Cron shell script not executing diskutil command

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Code Cron shell script not executing diskutil command

I'm trying to learn how to use cron for repetative tasks. I have an external disk that needs to be unmounted and remounted every hour due to some problems that a backup utility (specifically, TimeMachine) is having repeatedly accessing the device. I've created a shell script that will find the mount point of the drive, unmount it, and then remount it. Here's the code:

# Finds the device node of the drive 'Rebel Base', and saves it to variable i
export i=`diskutil info 'Rebel Base' | grep 'Device Node' | cut -d : -f 2 | sed 's/^ *//g' | sed 's/ *$//g';`
# unmounts device found at variable i
hdiutil unmount -force $i
sleep 1
# remounts device found at variable i
hdiutil mountvol $i

When I run this as a shell script, it works just fine. However, cron returns the following error:

line 4: diskutil: command not found
hdiutil: unmount: no file specified
Usage: hdiutil unmount [options] <mountpoint>
hdiutil unmount -help
hdiutil: mountvol: no device specified
Usage: hdiutil mountvol [options] <devname>
hdiutil mountvol -help

My cron looks like this:

* 9-16 * * 1-5 sh /Users/danielmarcus/Dropbox/programming/

What am I doing wrong here? Any and all help is very much appreciated.
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Get the PATH to hdiutil:
type hdiutil
which hdiutil

and set that at the beginning of your script:
export PATH

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If you do not declare a PATH variable in your script or crontab then the PATH will be

hdiutil manipulates disk images. It will unmount attached file systems but you should be using diskutil to unmount them. diskutil may not need the device node to unmount a file system. I think you can use the mount point. If you want to use the device node then the following should work
mount | awk '/Rebel Base/ {print $1}'

You should not need to unmount and mount a file system in order to make your backup strategy work. It might be time to rethink what you are doing.
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This worked out well - I no longer get the error message I was getting previously. Since this is a workaround for another unknown issue, it will suffice until I figure out what the problem is with timemachine accessing the disk.

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