Calling a remote shell script and applying a DB dump

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Calling a remote shell script and applying a DB dump

Hi All,

I have a requirement to call a remote shell script to apply a db dump. The remote shell script will reside in the /root/admin/bin directory and the database dump will be copied by the script from another area to /root/admin/var.

the script will then invoke mysql to apply the db dump.

1). Can I setup a ssh public/private key against a root user on the remote server or do I have a to create another user to own the script on the remote area as well as a directory to hold the dump also own by the same user.

I say this because I know that it is not possible to loggin to a server as root it has to be another user eg. fbloggs

2). In my remote shell I have various SQL operations as part of the dump is there a way to test the success of all SQL operations in a shell script sql block rather than applying a test against each individual SQL operation.

Many thanks
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Q: Since you are talking of DB, why is it you use a root account and not a user belonging to a DBA group?
If the sysadmin doesnt allow root loggin I find it a very bad idea to try to bypass (If I were the sysadmin you would no more have the right to connect at all...)
Many servers have ssh configured so root is not allowed to use ssh also...

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