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[Solved]Can anyone tell me why -H flag with sudo doesn't switch to the target user's home directory?

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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers [Solved]Can anyone tell me why -H flag with sudo doesn't switch to the target user's home directory?
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Old 02-05-2013
[Solved]Can anyone tell me why -H flag with sudo doesn't switch to the target user's home directory?

I have checked the man page ,which says :

The -H (HOME) option sets the HOME environment variable to the homedir of
the target user (root by default) as specified in passwd(5). By default,
sudo does not modify HOME

But I have tried below command:
[root@shel0001 ~]# sudo -H -s -u wanglei
[wanglei@shel0001 /root]$ pwd

as you can see ,it still stays in the /root and doesn't change to user wanglei's home directory which is /home/wanglei, what am I missing ,please help me
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Old 02-05-2013
It says "sets the HOME..." not goes to...
ran12:/home/vbe/admin/script $ sudo -H -u prod -s
ran12:/home/vbe/admin/script $ id
uid=1101(prod) gid=220(prod) groups=60(oper),300(dba),310(sas)
ran12:/home/vbe/admin/script $ cd
ran12:/prd/users/prod $

And so, it was set correctly as specified in the man pages...

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