Need help combining txt files w/ multiple lines into csv single cell - also need data merge

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Question Need help combining txt files w/ multiple lines into csv single cell - also need data merge

SmilieHello -- i just joined the forums. I am a complete noob -- only about 1 week into learning how to program anything... and starting with linux.

I am working in Linux terminal.

I have a folder with a bunch of txt files. Each file has several lines of html code. I want to combine the txt files into a single csv file, with the content from each text file going into a single cell. Maybe I need to use Excel instead of csv, but you get the idea.

I tried accomplishing this using Windows command lines --
copy *.txt combined.csv

the problem with the above is that each line in each .txt file was a separate line and cell in the csv

i am trying to do this in linux now. I tried the following command --
cat *.txt > combined.csv

this command created the combined csv file, but all of the content from the txt files were imported right next to each other, such as the example below, which represents 3 text files (the original content of the txt files is below the combined result):

line 1 I like applesline 2 I like bananasline 3 I like coconuts

original file content:
file1 - line 1 I like apples
file2 - line 2 I like bananas
file3 - line 3 I like coconuts

So my first goal is to actually get these on separate lines in the csv and into their own cell. Then my next goal is to figure out how to do the same thing, except that each file will have 2 to 3 lines in each txt....

if I have a txt file with content on multiple lines and I copy and paste it into Excel by clicking on a cell and then pasting... the lines all end up in a different row (so three lines in the txt file results in 3 rows in the excel file) -- however, if I click on the cell and then click in the Formula Bar at the top and paste it there, then the content is all pasted into a single cell -- this is the result I am trying to accomplish with the linux commands.

Can anyone help me out? I would really be appreciative. Also, the next thing I am trying to figure out how to do is before I actually import all of these files into a csv, I want to run a data merge and use a database to populate the file, here is an example:

Database CSV:
column A (XXX1): sports car
column B (XXX2): Denver
column C (XXX3): Colorado

text file 1 content:
I found a nice XXX1 in XXX2, XXX3.
This XXX1 was very beautiful and sleek.
I drove out of XXX2 in a hurry with my new XXX1.

result after data merge in txt file:
I found a nice sports car in Denver, Colorado.
This sports car was very beautiful and sleek.
I drove out of Denver in a hurry with my new sports car.

Then after data merge, I want to import these txt results into a single cell into a csv.
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I'm lost. Is the expected output to have each file's contents to be a separate column?

file1 line1, file2 line1, file3 line1
file1 line2, file2 line2, file3 line2
file1 line3, file2 line3, file3 line3

If so, please look into the paste(1) utility.
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PLEASE use code tags as demanded by forum rules.

I'm lost, too. I guess it's two threads in one? Pls post (for each sub thread) input and output samples, and a comprehensible description of how you expect things to work on input to produce the desired output.

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