Add a word to Text file

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Add a word to Text file


I have a mysql text file. I want add a word to it. Thanks for help.

Sample text:

,'address','166 Warren Street, NY 12534'),(45215,26556,'phone','(518)811-4145'),(151426,15565,'listing_duration'
,'address','233 Tan Street, CA 15522'),(45215,26556,'phone','(518)811-4146'),(151426,15565,'listing_duration'

I want this format.

,'address','166 Warren Street, NY 12534 USA'),(45215,26556,'phone','(518)811-4145'),(151426,15565,'listing_duration'
,'address','233 Tan Street, CA 15522 USA'),(45215,26556,'phone','(518)811-4146'),(151426,15565,'listing_duration'

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Here you had material to start your work:

What more do you need? Did you search with google?

Can we see what you did so far AND what is not working?

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