SQL block in a Shell Script connecting to a local and remote DB

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SQL block in a Shell Script connecting to a local and remote DB

Hi All,

In a Shell scriipt with a SQL block I want to issue a query against a local DB and a remote DB on a remote server. The shell script is running locally.
This is how I connect to the local server. But I want the query to reference remote table in the join. Question can I specify a localServer.DB and RemoteServerDB in the connection command.

${MYSQLDIR}/mysql -u ${MYusername} --password=${MYAPASSWD} ${MYSQLDB} << SQL
FROM localDB.tabl1,
WHERE ......with a join


Many thanks for your help.


Moderator's Comments:
Mod Comment Please use code tags next time for your code and data.
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No, you can't.
With MySQL you can use the federated storage engine to access remote tables from the local instance.

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