Grep Logs That Are Updating

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Grep Logs That Are Updating

Hello all. I am new to this forum and also very new to using grep - so please excuse me if this question is not in the correct forum and/or is not pertinent to this website.

I use greps like this:

gunzip -c L:\System1\SailLogger_20071019* L:\System2\SailLogger_20071019* L:\System3\SailLogger_20071019* | grep 35=Order

These logs are updating continuosly throughout the day. SailLogger_20071019* is the name of log followed by YYYYMMDD. I use the wildcard to target all the logs (the logs themselves are renamed at the top of each hour - eg 2007101907 (for 7am) and 2007101908 (for 9am).

When I run this grep, it will only extract from the first log in the statement - System1. I then get an error message related to not being able to find the end of the file.

Is there a way to grep all these logs ?

Thanks you for any help and guidance.


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It is very strange and unusual for a gzipped log to be continually appended to. Are you sure all of these logs are already compressed?
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Hi Thanks for replying. Yes these logs are updating every 30 seconds. I tried this grep -

gunzip -c L:\System1\SailLogger_20130118* L:\System2\SailLogger_20130118* L:\System3\S
ailLogger_20130118* | grep 35=SailErrorNotice

and got results for System1 logs but then received this message -

gunzip: L:\System1\SailLogger_2013011813.tlg.gz: unexpected end of file

And in case it matters, I am running these greps in a windows environment.
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I just noticed that you're unzipping the same thing three times in a row:


Is that really intentional? Didn't you want three different logfiles?
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Hi. Yes. Each path has a differnt log (System1,2,3) that follows the same naming convention.
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Do you know about the zgrep command (cf. man zgrep):
zgrep - search possibly compressed files for a regular expression
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Pardon my blind eyes, I don't know how I missed that.

Anyway. If this code is for a real shell and not windows cmd, I'd try this:

for FILE in L:\System1\SailLogger_20130118* L:\System2\SailLogger_20130118* L:\System3\SailLogger_20130118*
        gunzip < "$FILE"
done | grep 35=SailErrorNotice


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