[Solved] New Line in file

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[Solved] New Line in file


Though I was successful in following query, I like to know the other ways of doing it.

I have a file that is sent as an attachment via mail. However, while opening it, notepad does not recognize new line character whereas other editors like text pad recognizes new line character of unix.

abc.txt in Unix
When I send it as file attachment from unix server, I dont see new line.
$ uuencode abc.txt abc.txt | mailx -s "Test" xyz@def.com

and the following is the content when I open the attachment

mno<square symbol>pqr<square symbol>stu<square symbol>vwx<square symbol>
So I edited abc.txt and added "^M" by <CTL+V and CTL+M> at the end of each line. That resolved it. But I like to know, is there any other way to do it.
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Why dont you pass your text file through ux2dos / unix2dos utility before?
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Did not knew about unix2dos before.

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