Change password by pushing encrypted password to systems

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Change password by pushing encrypted password to systems

I'm tasked to change a user's password on multiple Linux systems (RH v3). I though copying the encrypted password from one Linux /etc/shadow file to another would work but I was wrong.

The long term solution is to establish an openLDAP Directory service, but for now I'm stuck with a manual process of ssh'ing to each box and changing it from there. The password changes every 30 days and sometime more often.

I'm hoping for some direction from more experienced Linux admins/users. So far, I half heartedly attempted to use expect without success.

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I though copying the encrypted password from one Linux /etc/shadow file to another would work but I was wrong.
It should work. Try posting how you were doing it along with any errors you were getting. The only issue I could think of that it may not work is different versions of the same OS.

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