Selective replace

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Selective replace

i have a large sequence of format

sat_1_g3_g_0_8540         .       A     1       15501   .       .       .       ID=sat_1_g3_g_0_8540;parentName=sat_1_g3_g_0_8540;Al=sat_1_g2_g_0_8540;
sat_1_g3_g_2_8510         .       C     1       25501   .       .       .       ID=sat_1_g3_g_2_8510;parentName=sat_1_g3_g_2_8510;Al=sat_1_g1_g_2_8510;

I want it to look like
string_8540       .       A     1       15501   .       .       .       ID=sat_1_g3_g_0_8540;parentName=sat_1_g3_g_0_8540;Al=sat_1_g2_g_0_8540;
string_8510       .       C     1       25501   .       .       .       ID=sat_1_g3_g_2_8510;parentName=sat_1_g3_g_2_8510;Al=sat_1_g1_g_2_8510;

i dont want the names to be replaced in the ID, parent name and AL column .
I tried doing selective replace using a tab as a function but it still didnt work.
The command I used is
sed 's/^sat_1_g3_g_0\t/string\t/' infile >sortedfile
sed 's/^sat_1_g3_g_2\t/string\t/' infile >sortedfile

Please tell how can i correct it.


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Mod Comment Please use code tags next time for your code and data.

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sed 's/sat_1_g3_._./string/' infile

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sed 's/^sat_1_g3_g_[02]/string/' infile >sortedfile

should do what you want.
Note, however, that sortedfile is not sorted (at least not on field1).
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what does the 2 indicate in the above mentioned code?

sed 's/^sat_1_g3_g_[02]/string/' infile >sortedfile

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Originally Posted by siya@
what does the 2 indicate in the above mentioned code?

sed 's/^sat_1_g3_g_[02]/string/' infile >sortedfile
The string between the first two / characters in a sed s(ubstitute) command is a basic regular expression. In a BRE the sequence [02] will match a 0 or a 2. And the character ^ at the start of a BRE says to match the BRE that follows only if it occurs at the start of a line. So the s command shown here will replace the string sat_1_g3_g_0 at the beginning of a line or the string sat_1_g3_g_2 at the beginning of a line with the string string.
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Just an addition to this post
if my sequence looks like this

string_8540       .       FFF     1       15501   .       .       .       ID=sat_1_g3_g_0_8540

string_8510       .       FFF     1       25501   .       .       .       ID=sat_1_g3_g_2_8510

and I want to replace the third column(ie replace FFF) by seq .

how can i replace only a particular column .. should i use a tab option

"sed \t "


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I only want to replace the 3rd column entries (FFF by seq)

There might be other places where FFF might be present in the file .I dont want to replace them.

I hope I m not confusing.


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Using awk
awk '$3=="FFF"{$3="seq"}1' infile


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