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i am getting error...

This is brief desciption of what i did
original file
sat_1_g3_g_0_8540         .       FFF     1       15501   .       .       .       ID=sat_1_g3_g_0_8540;parentName=sat_1_g3_g_0_8540;Al=sat_1_g2_g_0_8540;
sat_1_g3_g_2_8510         .       FFF     1       25501   .       .       .       ID=sat_1_g3_g_2_8510;parentName=sat_1_g3_g_2_8510;Al=sat_1_g1_g_2_8510;

I used
sed 's/^sat_1_g3_g_[02]/string/' infile >sortedfile

I think it took off the tab thing and replaced it by spaces.
I did a mistake somewhere dont know where. Tabs are important as far as my follwing codes are concered since they wont work on spaces.
Then replaced FFF by seq using
awk '$3=="FFF"{$3="seq"}1' infile

I dont know which of these replaced my tabs with spaces.Could some 1 help ?

Thanks a lot

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Final result that i want
string_8540       .       seq     1       15501   .       .       .       ID=sat_1_g3_g_0_8540;parentName=sat_1_g3_g_0_8540;Al=sat_1_g2_g_0_8540;
string_8510       .       seq     1       25501   .       .       .       ID=sat_1_g3_g_2_8510;parentName=sat_1_g3_g_2_8510;Al=sat_1_g1_g_2_8510;

I want to retain all tabs .I dont know where did i go wrong.Smilie

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The sed command I gave you will not modify the field separators.

The awk script bipinajith provided changed the tabs used as field separators in your input to spaces in its output. Change his script to:
awk 'BEGIN{FS=OFS="\t"}$3=="FFF"{$3="seq"}1' infile

and your tabs will be preserved.

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Is there a way I could attach my file on this .
Coz i couldnt resolve the issue

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Is there any other method for doing the same?
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Originally Posted by siya@
Is there any other method for doing the same?
As I was checking out what I suggested in message #9 in this thread, I found that had accidentally included a trailing "]". I have edited that message to remove the extraneous character and it is working for me. Please try it. If it doesn't work, show us the input you gave it, the output you got from it, and the output you need from it.

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