Why doesn't this work?

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Why doesn't this work?

find . -name "05_scripts" -type d -exec mv -f {}/'*.aep\ Logs' {}/.LogFiles \;

Returns this failure:
mv: rename ./019_0120_WS_WH_gate_insideTEST/05_scripts/*.aep\ Logs to ./019_0120_WS_WH_gate_insideTEST/05_scripts/.LogFiles/*.aep\ Logs: No such file or directory

I don't know why it's trying to use the "/*.aep\ Logs" in the target directory.

If it key in the command generated manually it works fine.
mv -f ./019_0120_WS_WH_gate_insideTEST/05_scripts/*.aep\ Logs ./019_0120_WS_WH_gate_insideTEST/05_scripts/.LogFiles/
Works perfectly.

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find is not shell, it does not expand * inside commandlines. It does inside -name and -path arguments however.

\ is taken literally inside single quotes anyway, so probably won't do what you want it to do.

I don't think find can do everything you want all by itself, but it can at least find the names for you, and print them one-by-one. Shell can do the rest.

find ./ -path '*/05_scripts/*.aep Logs' | while read LINE
        echo mv "$LINE" $(basedir $LINE)/.Logfiles

Remove the 'echo' once you've tested and are sure it does what you want.

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Not quite understanding ...

I need something that will find the "blablabla..aep Logs" directories and move them into a hidden directory called .LogFiles in their parent directory. I also need it to work on many directories under the current. So that it does not move all "blablabla..aep Logs" to one single directory.

I have a bash script that does this but I have to designate in variable each directory to be processed.
mkdir "$dir01"/.LogFiles
mv -f "$dir01"/*.aep\ Logs "$dir01"/.LogFiles/

I want to do it without having to change the script variables.

Could I accomplish this with a bash script?
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Originally Posted by scribling
find . -name "05_scripts" -type d -exec mv -f {}/'*.aep\ Logs' {}/.LogFiles \;
On top of what Corona688 already told you: inside an "-exec"-clause only ONE "{}" is allowed. Try this to see the effect:

find . -type d -exec echo "{}" \;       # will work
find . -type d -exec echo "{} {}" \;    # will not work

If you want to achieve this you will have to write a script which cyou call from the exec-clause:

find . -type d -exec myscript {} \;

where myscript looks like:

#! /bin/ksh

print - "$1" "$1"

exit 0

I hope this helps.

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Running a shell, i.e. creating a new process for each file found may work well on small file counts, but would not be that efficient on large dir trees.
What about using the (deprecated) -path test as Corona688 proposed, execing a mv -t "$dir01"/.LogFiles/ (option -t not present on all systems), followed by a + that collects all filenames found into the mv parameters? Like:
find . -ipath '*/05_scripts/*.aep Logs'  -exec echo mv -t "$dir01"/.LogFiles/ {} +

. Give it a shot and report results!

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