Condition check using awk

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Condition check using awk

I have a file in the following format

"SYLVESTER,WILLARD G"|"S00633600"|"221052958A"|"H2256"|"015"|""|"00000042BASJ"|"665303"|"N"|"20100211"|"380.4"|""|""|""|"5400"|"20110218"|""|"20110218"|"FEESC"|"D"|"F"|"P"
"PURINGTON-KELLEY,C"|"S00808783"|"029424717A"|"H2256"|"024"|"MEMBER JOINED ANOTHER MEDICARE RISK PLAN"|"00000049BAQS"|"SS2323"|"Y"|"20100218"|"728.87"|"782.0"|""|""|"6040"|"20110218"|""|"20110218"|"FEESC"|"D"|"F"|"P"

I need to check if first two characters of the 8th column start with SS. If they start with SS , replace the 8th column by "MEMBER" else replace the 8th column by "PROVIDER"

Desired output :
"SYLVESTER,WILLARD G"|"S00633600"|"221052958A"|"H2256"|"015"|""|"00000042BASJ"|"PROVIDER"|"N"|"20100211"|"380.4"|""|""|""|"5400"|"20110218"|""|"20110218"|"FEESC"|"D"|"F"|"P"
"PURINGTON-KELLEY,C"|"S00808783"|"029424717A"|"H2256"|"024"|"MEMBER JOINED ANOTHER MEDICARE RISK PLAN"|"00000049BAQS"|"MEMBER"|"Y"|"20100218"|"728.87"|"782.0"|""|""|"6040"|"20110218"|""|"20110218"|"FEESC"|"D"|"F"|"P"

This is something I tried using awk but not sure how to specify the column name


awk -v srch="$search" -v repl="$replace" '{ sub(srch,repl,$0); print $0 }' newfile

Can someone please help
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awk -v qq='"' '{$8= (qq ($8~("^"qq"SS")?"MEMBER":"PROVIDER"))}1' FS='|' OFS='|' myFile

This User Gave Thanks to vgersh99 For This Post:
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Here you go:
$ provider=PROVIDER
$ awk -v srch="$search" -v repl="$replace" -vprov=$provider\
    'BEGIN {FS="\"\|\"";OFS="\"|\""}
    '  file
"SYLVESTER,WILLARD G"|"S00633600"|"221052958A"|"H2256"|"015"|""|"00000042BASJ"|"PROVIDER"|"N" . . .
"PURINGTON-KELLEY,C"|"S00808783"|"029424717A"|"H2256"|"024"|"MEMBER JOINED ANOTHER MEDICARE RISK PLAN"|"00000049BAQS"|"MEMBER"|"Y". . .

P.S.: small addition to vgersh99's proposal: "))}1 --- ") qq)}1>
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Here is another way to do it using "|" as the field separator instead of just |:
awk -F '"\\|"' 'BEGIN{OFS = "\"|\""}
{$8 = ($8 ~ /^SS/) ? "MEMBER" : "PROVIDER"}
1' myFile


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